Response to Tylden Shaeffer’s Call for Cynthia Brehm’s Resignation

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Tylden Shaeffer is asking Republican voters in Bexar County to support him with their votes and make him their District Attorney. At the same time he is attacking the newly elected Chairwoman of the Bexar County Republican Party and calling for her resignation. In other words, criminal defense attorney Shaeffer is asking the same people who voted overwhelmingly for Cynthia Brehm to support him as he is prosecuting her in the court of public opinion. Therefore, we need to look at her alleged crime, his evidence, and determine if his leadership is worth our investing our support and votes.

Cynthia has now been charged with her husband’s crime and consequently the offense of being married to a man, that plead guilty to a sex crime 20 years ago. She is also charged with the crime of having worked hard to maintain her family, dealing with difficult issues, and working with clergy to assist her husband in repentance and reconciliation to the end that they can continue in their marital union with him supporting her as a wife and political candidate today. Lastly, she is accused of not sharing with the public this painful chapter in her life, which has already been adjudicated in a court of law (with Cynthia as a witness for the prosecution) and reconciled within her own family.

Criminal defense attorney Shaeffer asserts, based on the charges above, that Cynthia “needs to resign immediately,” and he further asserts that she will be unable to provide “honest, ethical leadership.” Shaeffer calls for “all Republican candidates at all levels of the ballot to join . . . [him] in demanding she step aside immediately.” We at the Friends of San Antonio Family Association object counselor! You are wrong on the law, wrong on the ethics and you are providing, at best questionable leadership in your call for Cynthia’s resignation.

Consider the fact that the Texas Constitution prohibits exactly the basis of Shaeffer’s assertion, “No conviction shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture of estate, and the estates of those who destroy their own lives shall descend or vest as in case of natural death (Tex. Const. art. I, § 21).” This prohibition means that one cannot be tried for the crimes of a family member. But this is exactly what aspiring candidate for district attorney Tylden Shaeffer is doing in his charges against Cynthia Brehm. His issue isn’t with a crime that Cynthia actually committed but with a crime her husband was charged with and which has already been fully resolved before a court of law.

This brings us to another legal concept we are all familiar with, namely that of double jeopardy. Double jeopardy refers to the fact that one cannot be tried multiple times for the same offense. Cynthia’s husband’s case has already been fully adjudicated in the court of law. But defense attorney Shaeffer wishes to reopen the case in the court of public opinion not against the accused but against his wife. He is prosecuting her in a manner disallowed in courts of law and in violation of basic legal principles and he ought to know these facts. And, yet, he wants to be the next Bexar Criminal District Attorney.

As to his charge of Cynthia lacking ethics, she has answered this charge stating, “No teacher, no counselor, no pastor, no law enforcement, no military official and no prosecutor has ever said that my actions were inappropriate in how I personally dealt with this situation that involved my family.” She further notes, this “It is a story of repentance, redemption, and restoration.” In other words, Shaeffer somehow finds a woman who maintained her wedding vows, worked through a very painful and difficult situation, and who by the grace of God loved her husband through a process, which resulted in not just her reconciliation with her husband but with her family being reconciled to one another. I guess Shaeffer, would have preferred it if Cynthia had just walked out the door instead of holding fast to her commitments. But in accordance with the dictates of her faith and in trust of her Redeemer she believed in the grace of God for forgiveness of her husband and the strength to reconcile.

As to the assertion that Cynthia had an obligation to disclose this event, perhaps there is room for disagreement. Consider this though, how many of us believe one must be required to relive the most painful chapter in their life over and over in the court of public opinion? Especially, if this chapter was 20 years ago, and related not to your own conduct but to an offense committed by a family member. Are we going to likewise require future candidates to share every instance of date rape, personal sexual abuse, or reveal every family member who has committed any type of offense? Is the new standard of qualification for office in Bexar County for the Republicans that every negative instance in one’s life must be shared in order to run for office? The response of those like Shaeffer, who demonize the victim, is exactly why so many victims of sexual harassment remain silent.

For Cynthia dealing with a personal matter 20 years ago, as a personal matter, Shaeffer would have every candidate on every level of the ballot cast their stones at her. Shaeffer’s ethic is one that denies redemption and punishes a woman who follows the dictates of her faith. Who in their lack of humanity would seek to punish a woman victimized by her husband, who participated in the legal process against him, and who miraculously found the strength to not only to forgive but also to remain and reconcile with him? The answer, Tylden Shaeffer, the candidate for Bexar County DA.

So we have the would-be prosecutor sitting in the seat of judge, jury and executioner. He has dared to offer condemnation to the victim of the crime, who has complied with law enforcement and submitted to the counsel of her clergy. He asserts guilt by association and denies a story of redemption. One wonders what Shaeffer would do before Christ as he wrote in the sand words that led the Pharisees to drop their stones? Would he hold a tight grip on his own rock? Would he toss it at the woman? These are fair questions given that he is now impugning a woman who did nothing wrong but trusted God to restore her marriage and bring that same faith and commitment to serve the Republican Party. This raises questions not only about Shaeffer’s leadership within the Bexar County Republican Party, but also about the compassion he will have for women who likewise find themselves the offended party in a crime. Perhaps he should look at the writing in the sand and drop his stone. That might just be an act of real leadership.

Political Strategy 101 and the Bexar County Republican Chairwoman

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One way to remove a political opponent from elected office is to create a scandal. The scandal doesn’t have to be actual or real. It can be vague, manufactured, or just a fact from the political opponent’s personal past that can be dressed up to look questionable.

The goal is to create opposition to the political opponent for the purpose of pressuring them to resign. The reality is that no one likes having their reputation questioned and having the personal details of their lives shared in the public arena. Some will invariably resign because the personal cost to them and their families isn’t worth it. They were good people who intended to do good things not play the dirty game of politics so they bow out.

The real strategy though isn’t to have them resign or simply step aside. Most political operatives are savvy enough to know that once elected, most who are elected to office won’t undo an election for a manufactured scandal. The aim of the scandal becomes clear in phase 2. This is the appeal to unity and the goal is to get those who don’t think the alleged scandal is a big deal to come on board to ask the elected official to resign or to be willing to seek their removal for the sake of peace and moving forward.

You will begin to hear comments such as, “I like you and I know you didn’t do anything wrong, but for he sake of the Party, you need to step aside.” If you hear yourself saying such things, know that you are the pawn that was the target of the manufactured scandal all along. The goal is create the scandal, divide the Party, and then convince others that the only way to unite the Party is to remove the elected official that you created the scandal about.

The plan is brilliant because it allows a minority to unseat the will of a majority. Further it allows those who simply ask the official to resign for the sake of the Party, some absolution of guilt, for they weren’t against the elected official, but for the Party. Meanwhile the elected official they still claim to like and wish to remain friends with is removed from office knowing that their friends and supporters have abandoned them. You may feel like you acted for the good of the Party, but in reality you just executed a penalty on an innocent person and gave the real source of division their victory.

Beware Bexar County Republicans; this is the game being played with Chairwoman-elect Cynthia Brehm. A disgruntled faction is serving up a nothing burger to cause division and now is asking her to resign for the sake of the Party. Driving the engine on this one is a person who left Cynthia’s campaign because they became dissatisfied with how it was being run (funny thing, she won). Chiming in are supporters of her opponent who decisively lost, as well as those who are known to be politically Left of Cynthia and are still nursing wounds over the Joe Straus censure.

Don’t fall for the charade. Don’t be their patsy or pupet. There is a need for unity in the Party. The unity needs to stand behind the results of the election. You need to unify in recognizing the proper source of division. The scandal isn’t real and it didn’t start with Cynthia. Those of you who have been around Bexar County Republican politics for more than 30 seconds know where it began.

Don’t be the Party that caves to bitterness and lies compromising a good Chairwoman. Don’t let a past chairman who failed to advance the Party’s conservative tenets during his tenure and the Republican Left convince you that the only way to unity is to remove the person you supported in the election. You aren’t Neville Chamberlin and you shouldn’t settle for peace that is no more than surrender. That is the game they are playing and it is well past time you knew it.

Cynthia Brehm’s scandal, ‘Much Ado about Nothing’

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“Cynthia Brown Brehm trounced her opponent Jo Ann Gonzales 69.76% to 30.24% in the Republican Run Off for the Republican Party chairmanship in Bexar County on May 22. It goes without saying that her opponent took a hard beating by the grassroots conservatives in San Antonio.

But losers will be losers and gossip that began just before the election climaxed immediately following the Run Off results.”

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New GOP chair faces backlash over husband’s scandal

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If reported correctly, the comments made by the 3rd party on this article are really despicable and theologically disordered. Marriage is not a simple civil contract made between two people that can just be torn up and thrown away. A valid marriage is a covenant before God that can’t be deleted by man as it involves another person, Who is God.
The reported sentiments expressed in the article by the other person expose a secular and twisted, even a contemporary neo-pagan mentality of what it is to be married, holding to commitments, and being loyal to family mean in today’s throw away, rampant selfishness culture of death. Cynthia’s commitment to her vows, the love of her husband (not his bad acts) and devotion to her family do exemplify the courage, forgiveness, mercy, resolve and perseverance of a child of God and of the Party that still proudly acknowledges Him in its platform.
The marriage vows do say “for better or for worse.” Also, he may have repented sincerely from any mistakes he made. The world has no forgiveness. What happened to 70 times 7 times?
From FoSAFA legal counsel:
The Constitution prohibits application of “corruption of blood” in case of conviction of treason. Our due process jurisprudence also prohibits corruption of blood.
In other words, we do not punish the family members of criminals for the crimes committed by the criminals themselves.
If we did, then Judge Nelson Wolff would be on probation too for the DWI of his son, Kevin Wolff.
To read more from San Antonio Express News, click here.

Celebrating Progress in this Tricentennial Year

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A sinister shadow seems to be moving across what ought to be a celebration for the Republican Party of Bexar County (RPBC). On May 22, 2018, the RPBC came together and elected for the first time a woman to be RPBC Chairman. Not only did Republicans in Bexar County elect a woman, but also, they elected a woman with deep historical ties to the City of San Antonio being the descendant of Juan Leal Goraz, the first mayor of San Antonio.1 In a time when Republicans have been often painted as the anti-woman, anti-minority party; Cynthia Brehm’s victory for RPBC Chairman as a woman and a Hispanic is something that all Republicans in Bexar County ought to be proud of supporting.

However, some within the RPBC are trying to undermine the results of the election. Obviously having sour grapes, they are raising issues related to Cynthia’s personal and family life. Digging deep into her personal life they have found that Cynthia has had her own #metoo moment and are attempting to disqualify her for having overcome personal adversity instead of simply settling for being a victim. Rather than highlighting her character, her commitment and her steadfastness in the face of personal trial, these pot-stirrers are trying to convince others that Cynthia Brehm is not the candidate she said she was.

Cynthia Brehm’s candidate website opens with a summary statement of her person, “Cynthia Brehm is a Christian, a retired Army wife, a grandmother, a community activist, and a public servant.”2 For the mudslingers’ comments to be true, they would need to introduce evidence that Cynthia’s presentation of herself is inconsistent with the dirt they are now throwing at her. Rather than contradicting her claims, the dirt being thrown confirms that not only is Cynthia the person she presented herself to be, but, a great person to lead the RPBC at this time.

Like all of us, Cynthia has a past. Her marriage isn’t perfect. Cynthia’s husband, Norm had committed an offense against her and against her family. His actions were perceived to create an unsafe environment for her child and were a deep offense and heartache to her. She could have taken the easier path of divorce. No one would have blamed her and some would have applauded her decision. Instead, she insured her daughter’s safety, participated willingly and actively in a legal process against her own husband, yet remained his wife in obedience to the vows she made before God.

In the end the legal case against her husband ended in his exoneration. Norm continued his military career until his retirement and honorable discharge. Today he still works as a military contractor. Cynthia’s family is intact, reconciled and her husband now shares the same Christian faith that Cynthia demonstrated when she chose to fight for her family instead of walking out the door. Cynthia didn’t just post that she was a “Christian” on her website for voters to see, but 20 years ago, when it mattered to her family, she lived out her faith.

One has to wonder what type of person would find fault with a woman who lived out her faith commitment to God or use a painful personal trial where Cynthia could be easily characterized as the “victim” as a bat to further beat her 20 years after the fact. But then again, we’ve recently witnessed losers of elections or those on the opposing party’s side of politics try to personally destroy President Trump by referencing his biography instead of focusing on the daily fulfillment of his campaign promises. It truly is a shame that within Bexar County politics the tactics of “fake news” and politics of “personal destruction” are being used by some against our own to subvert the clear will of the people the support of Cynthia Brehm.

Cynthia Brehm, however isn’t “fake news” but the real deal. She stated she was a Christian, and she walked by faith when it personally hurt her and cost her to do so. In so doing her family was saved, her daughter and husband reconciled, and her commitment to Christ demonstrated. This is the kind of character and commitment the Bexar County Republican Party needs in their chairman.

It isn’t just Cynthia’s Christian faith that is the real deal. Everything else she has claimed during this campaign is exactly who she is. Those of you involved in the Bexar County Republican Party know that. You have seen her at the events and you have seen her willing to get her hands dirty. You know how she has supported conservative causes and conservative candidates. You voted for her because her track record is known to you. You know that at every level Cynthia has proven herself a hard worker and a winner.

The sinister shadow won’t last long because light always dispels darkness. Cynthia knows this because she has seen the light overcome the dark moments of her marriage. Her personal biography has taught her to look beyond the difficulties of the moment and through faith in God and in fulfillment to the commitments she has made she will be faithful to her promises. She’s proven it and deserves to be applauded instead of criticized. But then again, there are some among us who always seem to tear others down.

We at Friends of SAFA aren’t among her critics. We will hold her accountable to continue steadfastly in her future commitments, just as she has in her past. As a family organization, we applaud Cynthia’s commitment to her marriage and rejoice in the miracle of God restoring her family. Our mission is to protect, defend and promote the family as the building block to society. We can think of no other candidate who was in this race for this office who embodies this type of more than commitment than Cynthia Brehm. Therefore we celebrate her victory, especially in this tricentennial year, as we look forward to her leadership, and offer her our continued support.

Family Values Voter Guide: Primary Runoff Election May 22, 2018

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These candidates endorsed by foSAFA are committed to protecting, defending and promoting the family, the building block of society.
Early Vote Period: Monday, May 14, 2018 – Friday, May 18, 2018
Election Day: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We cannot have long-term domestic prosperity without a solid foundation for society and we cannot have that good foundation without strong families.

Voting is a right of citizens, and citizens are duty-bound not only to vote, but to vote with a well-formed conscience.

May this Family Values Voter Guide assist voters in making wise choices at the polling sites. Make your vote count!

Family Values Voter Guide – State of Texas Republican Primary Election March 6, 2018

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SAFA Action, foSAFA, TF Action – Voter Guide – March 6 2018

Election Day Voting March 6, 2018

Early Voting February 20 – March 2

Voting information and polling sites can be found here.

Sample Ballot

We cannot have long-term domestic prosperity without a solid foundation for society and we cannot have that good foundation without strong families.
Voting is a right of citizens, and citizens are duty-bound not only to vote, but to vote with a well-formed conscience.
May this Family Values Voter Guide assist voters in making wise choices at the polling sites. Make your vote count!

Congressman Joaquin Castro Derelict of Duty

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“President Trump spent several moments during his address to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday honoring the bravest among us: our soldiers. Upon the mention of our military, the entire room–Republican and Democrat–were on their feet. Well, almost everyone.

Unbelievably, a handful of Democratic women who had dressed in white (for reasons hard to understand) to protest the president, remained seated at the mention of our soldiers.

You would think supporting our military would be a bipartisan issue.

Shortly after that, Trump recognized fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who died in a raid on an al Qaeda compound in Yemen in January. His widow, Carryn Owens, was one of Trump’s special guests tonight, sitting right beside his daughter Ivanka. What followed was a beautiful tribute to her brave husband. Throughout the president’s remarks, Mrs. Owens glanced to the sky and let her tears fall.”

And yet, Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro (D) can be seen sitting along with the women in white (bottom left center).

Does he not know that he represents Military City USA? This is offensive. Does he know how many families are dependent on the Military in San Antonio?

Why are these women (in white) sitting while Trump discusses increasing our Military and National Security? Are they not interested in securing its citizens and increasing our Military strength to protect America? One 10th of all military assets are in Texas, and the majority of those assets are in San Antonio.

Does the Congressmen not know where he lives? If not, what is he doing representing our patriotic city of San Antonio by objecting to our needs in our city? We already lost Kelly AFB, is he going to fight for us or not?

This is a real punch in the gut to all patriots (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) in San Antonio. Does he know that the largest industry in San Antonio is the Military? How can he continue to pretend to represent us in Washington D.C.?

We (San Antonio) call for his immediate resignation, we need someone that can represent us and our values!

#CastroResign, #MilitaryCityUSA, #PeaceThroughStrength, #GrowMilitary, #StrengthenMilitary, #MilitaryEmployment, #MilitaryEconomics, #NoToCastro

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