Congressman Joaquin Castro Derelict of Duty

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“President Trump spent several moments during his address to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday honoring the bravest among us: our soldiers. Upon the mention of our military, the entire room–Republican and Democrat–were on their feet. Well, almost everyone.

Unbelievably, a handful of Democratic women who had dressed in white (for reasons hard to understand) to protest the president, remained seated at the mention of our soldiers.

You would think supporting our military would be a bipartisan issue.

Shortly after that, Trump recognized fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who died in a raid on an al Qaeda compound in Yemen in January. His widow, Carryn Owens, was one of Trump’s special guests tonight, sitting right beside his daughter Ivanka. What followed was a beautiful tribute to her brave husband. Throughout the president’s remarks, Mrs. Owens glanced to the sky and let her tears fall.”

And yet, Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro (D) can be seen sitting along with the women in white (bottom left center).

Does he not know that he represents Military City USA? This is offensive. Does he know how many families are dependent on the Military in San Antonio?

Why are these women (in white) sitting while Trump discusses increasing our Military and National Security? Are they not interested in securing its citizens and increasing our Military strength to protect America? One 10th of all military assets are in Texas, and the majority of those assets are in San Antonio.

Does the Congressmen not know where he lives? If not, what is he doing representing our patriotic city of San Antonio by objecting to our needs in our city? We already lost Kelly AFB, is he going to fight for us or not?

This is a real punch in the gut to all patriots (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) in San Antonio. Does he know that the largest industry in San Antonio is the Military? How can he continue to pretend to represent us in Washington D.C.?

We (San Antonio) call for his immediate resignation, we need someone that can represent us and our values!

#CastroResign, #MilitaryCityUSA, #PeaceThroughStrength, #GrowMilitary, #StrengthenMilitary, #MilitaryEmployment, #MilitaryEconomics, #NoToCastro

To read the full article on the “women in white” protest click here.

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