New GOP chair faces backlash over husband’s scandal

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If reported correctly, the comments made by the 3rd party on this article are really despicable and theologically disordered. Marriage is not a simple civil contract made between two people that can just be torn up and thrown away. A valid marriage is a covenant before God that can’t be deleted by man as it involves another person, Who is God.
The reported sentiments expressed in the article by the other person expose a secular and twisted, even a contemporary neo-pagan mentality of what it is to be married, holding to commitments, and being loyal to family mean in today’s throw away, rampant selfishness culture of death. Cynthia’s commitment to her vows, the love of her husband (not his bad acts) and devotion to her family do exemplify the courage, forgiveness, mercy, resolve and perseverance of a child of God and of the Party that still proudly acknowledges Him in its platform.
The marriage vows do say “for better or for worse.” Also, he may have repented sincerely from any mistakes he made. The world has no forgiveness. What happened to 70 times 7 times?
From FoSAFA legal counsel:
The Constitution prohibits application of “corruption of blood” in case of conviction of treason. Our due process jurisprudence also prohibits corruption of blood.
In other words, we do not punish the family members of criminals for the crimes committed by the criminals themselves.
If we did, then Judge Nelson Wolff would be on probation too for the DWI of his son, Kevin Wolff.
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