Political Strategy 101 and the Bexar County Republican Chairwoman

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One way to remove a political opponent from elected office is to create a scandal. The scandal doesn’t have to be actual or real. It can be vague, manufactured, or just a fact from the political opponent’s personal past that can be dressed up to look questionable.

The goal is to create opposition to the political opponent for the purpose of pressuring them to resign. The reality is that no one likes having their reputation questioned and having the personal details of their lives shared in the public arena. Some will invariably resign because the personal cost to them and their families isn’t worth it. They were good people who intended to do good things not play the dirty game of politics so they bow out.

The real strategy though isn’t to have them resign or simply step aside. Most political operatives are savvy enough to know that once elected, most who are elected to office won’t undo an election for a manufactured scandal. The aim of the scandal becomes clear in phase 2. This is the appeal to unity and the goal is to get those who don’t think the alleged scandal is a big deal to come on board to ask the elected official to resign or to be willing to seek their removal for the sake of peace and moving forward.

You will begin to hear comments such as, “I like you and I know you didn’t do anything wrong, but for he sake of the Party, you need to step aside.” If you hear yourself saying such things, know that you are the pawn that was the target of the manufactured scandal all along. The goal is create the scandal, divide the Party, and then convince others that the only way to unite the Party is to remove the elected official that you created the scandal about.

The plan is brilliant because it allows a minority to unseat the will of a majority. Further it allows those who simply ask the official to resign for the sake of the Party, some absolution of guilt, for they weren’t against the elected official, but for the Party. Meanwhile the elected official they still claim to like and wish to remain friends with is removed from office knowing that their friends and supporters have abandoned them. You may feel like you acted for the good of the Party, but in reality you just executed a penalty on an innocent person and gave the real source of division their victory.

Beware Bexar County Republicans; this is the game being played with Chairwoman-elect Cynthia Brehm. A disgruntled faction is serving up a nothing burger to cause division and now is asking her to resign for the sake of the Party. Driving the engine on this one is a person who left Cynthia’s campaign because they became dissatisfied with how it was being run (funny thing, she won). Chiming in are supporters of her opponent who decisively lost, as well as those who are known to be politically Left of Cynthia and are still nursing wounds over the Joe Straus censure.

Don’t fall for the charade. Don’t be their patsy or pupet. There is a need for unity in the Party. The unity needs to stand behind the results of the election. You need to unify in recognizing the proper source of division. The scandal isn’t real and it didn’t start with Cynthia. Those of you who have been around Bexar County Republican politics for more than 30 seconds know where it began.

Don’t be the Party that caves to bitterness and lies compromising a good Chairwoman. Don’t let a past chairman who failed to advance the Party’s conservative tenets during his tenure and the Republican Left convince you that the only way to unity is to remove the person you supported in the election. You aren’t Neville Chamberlin and you shouldn’t settle for peace that is no more than surrender. That is the game they are playing and it is well past time you knew it.

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